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Import our customers pick and place file (with part numbers) and modify the origin point so it can be imported to our pick and place machines directly.

Yes, FAB 3000 can import any pick and place file (i.e centroid).  Here's a support link dedicated to the import of Centroid files:

Note:  Once it has been imported you may edit the centroids (just like normal objects).  That includes Move (i.e. offset), mirror, copy, etc.

Once the centroid is imported, you can perform the following:

1. Use the command Offset External Centroids... menu:  (View / External Centroid / Offset..)

2.  A better solution would be to convert the Centroid to actual components (menu:  Assembly / Convert Centroid to Components...). Once it's a component it can be edited (i.e. moved or modified) just like any other CAM object.   Here's a tutorial showing all those steps:

Let me know if that helps.

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