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I am having problems importing my pdf files into FAB3000.

I modelled the part in Rhino 5 and exported it as a PDF file.

Attached. Apparently it flattens all the layers into 1 single layer!

No way to set it in the export box. Attached screenshot for your

reference. I can open the pdf file in Illustrator without a problem.

So I am going to try and export layer by layer and reassemble it in

Illustrator into a new pdf with proper layers and will try to re import

into Fab3000.

First I used GS9.09 but 64 bit. Then went to your website and

installed the 9.05 Version from there and the 8.53. Both don't

import the file. See attached screen shots.

Will keep you posted on my progress. Hope I can resolve it.

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1. During PDF Import, use "Map Layers" to control whether you want everything merged to one layer or separated per color.

2.  You will need to use 32-bit Ghostscript -- the 64-bit Ghostscript does nothing and can cause conflict.

I was able to import your sample PDF without issue using Ghostscript 8.53 (32-bit) - see below screen capture.

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