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My Gerber file design is 120 inches in length, and when viewing in FAB 3000 seems to crash or issues with Boolean commands

It can freeze or crash even if I  zoom in too quickly, with composites or Boolean operations I click then wait. It freezes for 6-8 minutes then completes the operation or crashes.

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There should definitely not be any kind of delay as you're referring to (6-8 minutes).  Feel free to save your workspace (*.wrk) and send it to me, I'll be able to review everything you're experiencing.

Suggestion #1:  Typically most Gerber jobs are a meter or less (usually much less than that).  Since your design length is extremely large for a Gerber job, I would recommend that you first set FAB 3000 to handle large database dimensions:

Suggestion #2:  To speed up display times I would recommend the following:

Lastly, is there anything unusual about your computer setup (such as dual monitors, etc.) - maybe there's something obvious that is causing the delay.  The more information I have the more I can assist.

Thanks again.

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