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fab 3000

im trying to send gerber to drill but im having trouble it seems very flakey i get different results every time (but all have missing holes)
so i import a pdf then try to send gerber to drill but every time i get different results 
i got it to work once (the first time but i needed to adjust the original a few traces were too close for my board house so i went and fixed it on the original but now every time its missing some holes and not always the same ones

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Thanks for submitting a support ticket.  When converting Gerber to Drill, FAB 3000 uses "Flashed pads" only.  The large non plated holes are drawn as Polygons (you can move the mouse over to show the object type), which is why it's ignored during Gerber to Drill conversion.  This example tutorial shows exactly how to ensure you have flashed pads and then convert to drill:

Note:  The reason the Drill imports weirdly, is that Drill data does not contain the Integer and Decimal digits.  When you're exporting the drill file, keep in mind the Integer and Decimal digits -- then when importing back into FAB 3000 or any other tool use those same settings.   

Note:  To ensure the "easiest" export quality, select "Decimal" for Zero Suppression.  See below:


Let me know if that helps.

Best regards,


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