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I want to use step and repeat to reduce gerber file size.

Using Fab 3000


I want to use step and repeat to reduce gerber file size.  I found this help topic which works.


But, I’m importing a DXF of my layout with all of my components.  Only one of the components needs to be step-and-repeated.  Using the technique in the help topic, the whole DXF import is step-and-repeated.  I don’t want that, I only want to step and repeat one component.  How do I do that?

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Thanks for your question.

1.  In AutoCAD you could make the one component a BLOCK, and then MInsert that component in your Drawing.


2.  You can also do the same thing in FAB 3000.  Make one component a separate "job" (menu:  Job / Convert to Job).  Assign any name you wish for the new job, and make sure to choose "Selection" for the option "Apply To".  Here's a video tutorial showing me select some component pads and convert that into an array job that will export with Step and Repeat codes to reduce the Gerber file size.

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