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Can pcb preview use mask layer instead of paste layer?

 I was wondering if there are any hidden settings for the pcb preview. When i generate a pcb preview it appears to use the paste layer instead of the mask layer thus all through-hole pads come out greenand appear to be covered by the mask layer. When in fact they are just fine when viewed in the editor or any other gerber viewer.

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The Paste Layer should not overlap any thru-holes; and if it does mostly likely that layer is not the paste.  During pcb preview you can turn off any layers (including the paste).  The mask layer is currently not used in the PCB Preview.

Hi Simon thanks for the reply. That is exactly why i'm asking. since the mask layer is not used for the pcb preview. all thru hole pads come out covered in green since the mask layer is ignored. This appears to be a huge oversight in the pcb preview. basically now it is only useful for generating previews of boards with only smd parts. I'll just ignore this feature for now and use other software to generate a preview.


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