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Few questions about Centroid rotation


I have a few questions concerning Centroid file rotation and importation in Fab 3000.

I have manually created all of the components using "Build Part", have the pcb orientated as it will go through our machines (Assembleon) and set the rotations of each part so it will have the correct orientation when placed. I set the origin to the lower left pcb.

At this point none of the reference designators have been assigned... Now here's my questions:

1. When pulling in my XY file (Part Centroid File) so I can merge the designator to the Fab 3000 centroid, all of the references that come up on the screen are 90 deg from the board orientation. Is there a way to rotate the whole part centroid file to match? I can't seem to select it for rotation.

Note: I have rotated the gerber and components top images, did the merge and rotated back but the parts rotation in the components tab (at the bottom) are 90 deg off from what the Part Centroid Export shows. This is very confusing.

2. Is there a way to not use the Part Centroid Files component rotation on import?

I pre set all of the rotations when I create the components. When you import the Part Centroid File to merge the designators, it forces the use of the CAD rotation. In many cases these are not correct for our machines. I just want the ability to merge designators.... That's it.

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1.  We will add a new feature to the existing command "Apply Existing Centroid" (in menu Assembly), which allows you to choose which attributes to apply - Rotation, Reference Designators, etc.  This will allow you to apply Reference designators only to your components and ignore rotation.  The update will be available early 2018.

2.  Yes, currently the rotation is mandatory during Centroid Import.  We will remove this option so you can import components without having to worry about rotations in the file.   The update will be available early 2018.

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