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Importing .jpeg of scanned PCB into FAB3000 (scale).

I’m trying to import image of scanned PCB into FAB3000.  But I don’t know how to do it to keep a proper scale according to real PCB dimensions.


Real PCB dimensions 85x50 mm.

My scanned image properties are:  2024 x 1197  (@72 DPI)

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Thanks for your question.  I have a few suggestions.

1.  Monochrome bitmaps work best (black/white), so if you have any graphics editor try saving JPG as a Bitmap.  Here's a tutorial showing how to convert image to Gerber:

Note:  For monochrome bitmap, use Import Large Bitmap... It's an optimized importer we created that can load an image "any size" (up to 1TB).

2.  If the scanned JPG image is "color" or "grayscale", you will need to adjust the Back Ground Intensity.  See below for a definition of BackGround Intensity:

Background Intensity:

Black and White Images (such as JPEG's from a microscope) incorporate a "grey blending" which leads to very few background pixels actually being black or white. This setting is a ratio which was developed (by Numerical Innovations) to allow pixels with a "grey-scale" similar to that of the background color to be treated as such. This setting helps with "automatic recognition" of features, and has proved very useful for Failure Analysts(FA) who need photos taken from microscopic devices, converted back to GDSII or Gerber for comparison purposes against the CAD data. 

3.  Pixel Units.  You must tell FAB 3000 what physical size of one pixel represents. 

Note:  In your screen capture, you set each pixel to 1 Inch -- which would be result in a huge Gerber file (because you're telling FAB 3000 each Pixel is an Inch).  Perhaps the image is 72 DPI (although that does not see very accurate).  You need to know what accuracy the this image is before importing, or you can import at your best guess and scale the results (once imported into FAB 3000).

Note:  I personally do not think an image size of 2024 x 1197 pixels will be able to accurately represent a PCB design of extents 85 x 50 mm.  However, you could try dividing for millimeters:  85/2024 = 0.042   and the set Pixel Units to "Milimeter" and Scale to "0.042".  Thus you're telling FAB 3000 each pixel in the image is 0.042 millimeter.

Let me know if that helps.  Feel free to send me any sample image and I'll take a look.  There are also several examples in the user forum showing how to import images using both FAB 3000 and ACE 3000  (ACE uses same source code as FAB).

Thanks again.

Best regards,


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