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But software crashes when I try to run DFM checks.

I do have a problem with  FAB3000

I am able to read in my gerber files.

I can pan and zoom, show and hides layers.

But software crashes when I try to run DFM checks.

It is possible to configure which checks should be performed but when I click on next then software freezes like this

Do you know how to fix it?

My system runs on Windows 7 64 bit with 3 displays.

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Unless a box appears stating that an "exception has occurred" FAB 3000 is still processing the DFM Check. I notice you're checking only one Gerber layer without a Drill file so the netlist generation may be slow (FAB 3000 is optimized to process multiple Gerber layers with Drill).  I have the following suggestions which may help:

1. If possible please wait longer and FAB 3000 should complete the tasks.

2. Run DFM Check on one PCB image only.  From the screen capture it appears to be a panelized board 4X.  To optimize the DFM Check, you can have FAB 3000 just focus on one PCB in the panel.  To do this either zoom into your panel and display one PCB (on the screen).  Then when running DFM Check, go to the "Search Area" setting and select "Display" .  FAB 3000 will only focus on the area in the display (see screen capture below).  

Note:  You can also pinpoint a specific rectangle region, by selecting "Enter Rectangle" and including the X/Y locations.


If problems persist, please save your workspace file (*.wrk) and send it to our support team.     This will allow us to duplicate what you're experiencing, and we can then create a custom tutorial movie showing exactly how to perform the tasks you require - using your data. 

Best regards,


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