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netlist errors

 i have 43,563 opens and 36 shorts when i do netlist compare.

i believe the software and i are doing something wrong this board has two sets of blind vias and it shows these shorts but they are via n pad etc.

is there a way to load blind vias . i cannot attach the gerber file its 58 layers too big!

just by looking at the errors maybe you can give me some insight. i dont believe anything is wrong with the file.

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Typically where there's so many net compare errors would indicate the following:

1.  NETLIST ALIGNMENT:   Please make sure the IPC Netlist is aligned with the Gerber files - when looking at the PDF the netlist points do not appear aligned.  For some reason, many PCB CAD software output their IPC netlist with a different coordinate system then the gerbers.  If this is the case checkout this link to align the netlist to the Gerbers:

2. BLIND/BURIED DRILL SETUP:  For designs with blind and buried vias, FAB 3000 must be told which layers are used for each drill file.  For detailed information, please review  the help manual section 7.3 "Setting Up Blind and Buried Drill Relationships Prior to Netlist Comparison.".  Here's a few older movie tutorials which show how to setup Blind/Buried drils:  (the last 30 seconds is the blind buried setup).

Thanks again, and please let me know if that helps.  If not feel free to attach your workspace file (*.wrk) and we'll be happy to review it.

Best regards,


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