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Teaching Gerbers

I can't seem to get the IPC-356 file to include the components that were created. Also, how can you change the numbering sequence on a part that doesn't follow a standard pinout. I'm new to your software and I'm an In-Circuit Test fixture manufacturer and I need this information to construct the fixture.


Thanks in advance!


Thanks for submitting a support ticket. 

1. Here's a blog post which describes converting the IPC-356 to components:

If troubles persist, please send a sample IPC-356 file or workspace (*.wrk) and I'll be happy to assist you further.

2. To change the numbering sequence of the pins on a part, please perform the following:

  • Go to menu:  Windows / Footprint Browser...
  • Select the Part Footprint you wish to edit.
  • Double-Click the pin which you wish to change the number (or select pin and Right-click menu: Properties...)
  • Change the Pin #, and press ok.
  • Repeat for all pins.
  • When you are finished, press button "Save Footprint" located in the lower-right area of the screen.

Best regards,


I'm sorry.  I need to get the parts into an export of the IPC-356 file format.  We are usually only provided Gerbers so we "teach" the output by identifying the components and pins.  When I go in and build components for all of the connectors I want to show up in the IPC-356 file and go to export, none of the information taught gets into the file.

Thanks for the information on editing the pins.


During export of the IPC Netlist (menu: File / Export / Netlist (IPC-D-356), make sure to check the new option "Add Component RefDes and Pin". This will include the additional component info in the netlist file.


Thanks again, and please let me know your results.


Best regards,


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