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Trouble getting netlist extract to work



I have attached a set of imported gerbers that I can't get netlist

extract to work properly. Can you take a look to see why?


Thanks in advance!




PS. Thank you for making the built components export in the IPC-356

file. Works great! 

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Thanks for sending the sample files.  Netlist extraction requires that all "metal layers" type (i.e. Top, Bottom, Internal Neg Plane, Pos Plane) are properly defined.  When viewing your sample workspace, I noticed there were 2 non-metal layers that were incorrectly defined as "Neg Plane":



They look like a Paste or Mask layer.  I just defined them as "Graphic" (so Netlist Extraction ignores those layers) and everything appears to be fine when running Netlist Extraction.

Let me know your results.


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