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How do I clear all settings in the FAB 3000 system registry?

There are two methods to clear all FAB 3000 settings.

Reset Options: 

In many situations you do not need to clear all FAB 3000 settings in the system registry, just restore them back to factory default settings.  The reset option is perfect in these cases, and much easier to perform.  This command will reset all settings in the system registry (except for license details, and general operation settings).

  1. Go to FAB 3000 menu:  Setup / Options...
  2. Press button "Reset...".

Delete FAB 3000 from the System Registry (Windows Only):

FAB 3000 stores all settings in the "system registry" so you will need to perform these steps:

1. Press Start Button, and type: regedit

2. This will open the System Registry...

3. Locate folder "NumericalInnovations" and delete the child folder "FAB3000v7".

4. Then re-install FAB and you should be fine.

Note:  These steps will completely remove FAB 3000 from the system registry.  It is useful in events that FAB 3000 wont start correctly, or the uninstaller did not completely remove all traces of FAB 3000.

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