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Using your DFM New, it shows 106 errors, but says I must sign up for your cloud service to see the details. I do not understand your definition of "free" if I have to sign up for something to see the results.

DFM Now! is simply a "free gerber viewer".  We optionally added the capability to run our "full-featured" DFM engine (at no cost), so people can be sure their boards are good and ready for manufacturing.  Ultimately, the goal is to run your PCB design through DFM Now! and have no errors, so you can be confident when sending to manufacturing.

However, if there are any problems detected, DFM Now! will tell you the types of problems they are and their severity using color codes (Green=Mild warning, Yellow=Medium, Red=Severe Error).   With that overall information in hand, you can either go back to your CAD to make adjustments or send out to manufacturing.  All this is freely perform at no cost to anyone.  If you need more details about the errors and wish to pinpoint each specific "DFM error" (or additionally perform Panelization, edit gerbers, etc.); then we offer our FAB 3000 software as permanent or subscription license.

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