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When exporting Rout, Nothing Appears. I get the header, but not the rest X/Y.

To export a Rout path requires the following:

  1. Rout Paths must exist on a layer with type "Rout/Mill".
  2. Rout Paths must have a "Tool" number assigned.

Important: When possible Rout Paths should be continuous. For example, if you need to rout a rectangular-shaped PCB, make sure that you have one continuous rout path around the rectangle (and not 4 separate individual segments for each side of the rectangle).  This occurs most often any times when people convert Gerber traces to Rout.  The Gerber traces were individual segments, however the rout path needs to be continuous.  To resolve the problem, select any individual rout segments and use Join Wizard (menu:  Tools / Join Wizard / Automatic...). 

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