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Problems with Boarder creation.

Even though there is a boarder already created FAB does not recognize it and wants to create a new one. At times it will automatically create a new boarder, sometimes it wants to do it selectively.

FAB 3000 has 3 requirements to accept a border layer.

  1. Must be a defined layer with type "Border".
  2. Must only be border objects (i.e. outline of the board) and optional cut-outs, nothing else should be on the border layer.
  3. Each boundary must be closed/continuous (i.e. no overlapping lines or self-intersection).

Without using FAB 3000 "Auto-Border" Generation,  the easiest method is to copy all parts of the border to a new layer and assign as "Border".
  1. Select Border Lines
  2. Go to menu:  Edit / Copy To Layer...
  3. Press button "Add Layer..."
  4. Assign as Layer Type "Border", and press OK.
  5. Check the new Layer that you just created.
  6. Press OK and selected objects will be copied to the new layer.

Now when you use any command that requires the border, you may still be prompted to Auto-Generate a border (because the 3rd requirement "Closed/Continuous" has not yet been met). That's OK, press Yes when prompted to Auto-Generate and FAB 3000 will join individual boundary segments.

I'm following all these rules and it's still not working.  I need a border to convert to a negative layer, it is not working.

If you're having a specific problem, please just submit a support ticket,

Note:  If possible attach a sample workspace file (*,wrk) - so we can create a tutorial movie showing you specifically what steps to perform.

* Boarders must be drawn with an actual aperture (Dcode). Boarders drawn as a line will not work even with automatic boarder creation.

See attached video.

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