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How to select (or highlight) the holes with same size?And how to turn off the grid?

I realize that if I goto "Query Dcode", and then click a line in Gerber, all the line in the same Dcode will be highlighted.

Then, is there a way to select or highlight all the holes with same size? The holes do not have Dcode after importing.

And, see the attached picture, there will alaways be grid when I enlarge some places, is it able to turn the grid off?
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Thanks for your excellent questions.


Go to menu: Setup / Set Grid...
For Display select "Grid Off"
Press OK, and the grid will no longer be visible.


Using the selection filter, FAB 3000 can select holes the same size or within a range that you provide.  So for example it's possible to select holes between 1mm and 2.5mm, or traces less than 10 mil diameter, etc.  You can also save those selection filters for easy access later.  Please perform the following:

Determine the size (i.e. range) for the objects you wish to select.  I will assume 0.06 inch for this example:

Go to menu:  Edit / Selection / Filter...
Go to section "Names", and in the box Shapes.
Enter:    width=0.06
Press OK,
Select Objects, now only objects with 0.06 with will be selected.


Here's some sample forum posts which may help.

Best regards,


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