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Converting pads to have rounded corners?

Is there a way to convert either squares, rectangular, circular pads to be either a square or rectangle with rounded corners?
I tried converting them to flash to a define shape size to RectRounded but it does not nothing?
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The easiest way is to use Draw to Flash (Automatic).  Please perform the following:

  1. Select Objects that you wish to convert to "Round Rectangle".
  2. Go to menu:  Tools / Draw to Flash / Automatic...
  3. Set "Shape for New Flashes" to "RectRounded".  
  4. Set Minimum Flash size to 0
  5. Uncheck "Ignore Existing Flashes". 
  6. Press OK, and all selected areas (either draw or flash) will be converted to Rounded Rectangle.

Note:  I attached a screen capture that I used.


Let me know if that helps.

Best regards,


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