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EasyGerb for AutoCAD 2016 works fine on Windows 7, but throws unhandled exception error on Windows 10.

Please note per Autodesk website it states that AutoCAD 2016 is not fully supported on Windows 10.  I would recommend checking out EasyGerb for AutoCAD 2017 which is fully Windows 10 supported: 


Thanks for getting back to me, I heard that there was going to be a fix for Autocad 2016 in past September, is there any facts behind that or is it going to be an inevitability that we will need to move to 2017?


Hello Tim,

To avoid any troubles with Windows 10 you will need to move to AutoCAD 2017.  We are actually in the process of releasing EasyGerb 7 solely because FlexNet (which is used for EasyGerb License Management) does not support Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 -- and Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 is required to build applications that run in AutoCAD 2017.  So to continue developing and maintaining EasyGerb in AutoCAD 2017 and beyond, we have to integrate a completely new license management system that is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

Upgrading can be such a pain...

Best regards,


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