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I have a question on how to convert a negative plane. Fabrication > Convert Negative Plane

In order for this function to work, how do you define a negative layer type? I watched the video but could not figure it out.

I right clicked to assign a negative layer but still could not convert negative plane.

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It is recommended by the Gerber standard to keep all files positive and try to limit the need for negative layers.  The command "Convert Negative Plane" will take a negative gerber layer and make it positive.  This command requires 1 or more layer types is defined as "Neg. Plane".  If you wish to use the "PCB Border" as a boundary, please make sure that is defined.

Here's a tutorial movie showing me convert two negative plane layers into positive plane layers.  I am just using the FAB 3000 sample Gerber files found in he folder .../FAB3000v7/examples/274X.

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