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Creating Custom Library Objects on selected Layers


as we need to add user defined marks to ODB data, I would like to ask some questions.

- Is it possible, to create custom fiducials containing Objects on one or more layers. E.g. a structure on top layer and on top mask layer, combined as a library element? 

- I did try it by using the custom aperture library, but the flashes are only on one layer, also the origin of the aperture is not on the defined place but at the geometrical centre(?) of the object.


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Thanks for your question.  You have correctly used the convert to custom aperture, and yes apertures are for one layer only.  

However FAB 3000 has several solutions for this requirement:

Best Solution:  Convert to Job and Insert

You can create a separate job which only contains the shapes you want (using Convert to Job - menu:  Tools / Convert To / Job...).  

Convert to Job - go to menu:  Tools / Convert To / Job...Assign the new job name you want for the pad group.
Choose your insert point.
Make sure to apply to "None" or else FAB 3000 will try to convert all matching shapes to job inserts.
Press OK and the Job will be created.Insert that new Job anywhere you choose using Insert Job (menu:  Job / Insert...)

Here's a tutorial showing me perform those steps:

Using Group

You can select objects and then use the command "Group".  Once you have selected an object of the group, any editing command like Copy will work on all grouped objects.  Making it easy to copy & edit multiple objects.

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