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I tried to convert an Orcad layout .max file to an IPC-356D file with FAB 3000 without success. The component info was missing. How do I do this?

Thanks for your question.

There would typically be 2 suggestions for components not showing up in FAB 3000 after Netlist import:

  1. In FAB 3000 the command "Convert External IPC Netlist to Centroid" has not yet been used. ( go to menu: Assembly/Convert External IPC Netlist to Centroid).   If this does not generate the components, than review item #2
  2. The IPC Netlist file does not contain the component information.  During export in OrCAD verify that components are included in the Netlist export.

If neither suggestion helps, feel free to open a support ticket and attach a sample netlist file for our review.

Thanks again.


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