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Border Layer cannot be created

I downloaded Version 7.7.7 from your site for trial and studied your

tutorials and documents.


Sadly i cannot create a border using the automatic or the manual mode

from a lot of data.

Eg the simple file attached - how can i create a border from it?

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Thanks for sending a sample file.  In this case FAB 3000 doesn't detect 0-width lines (typically border outlines in Gerber consist of traces with width).

Please perform either of the following:

  1. Create a Dcode (any empty dcocde), and assign a width.
  2. Go to Edit / Properties..., select border objects, and assign a width.
  3. Now Border Detection will work.  

Here's a quick tutorial showing how to perform that task.

Note:  We will search into why 0-width objects are not used in Border detection, and if possible create an update that accepts 0-width objects.

Lastly, here's the most bullet-proof way to create a border:

  1. Create a new layer and assign the Layer Type as Border.
  2. Copy all border objects to it.
  3. Now generate Border (menu: Fabrication / Detect Border Automatic) and you will be fine.

Here's the movie tutorial showing those steps (with a bonus PCB realistic preview):

Let me know if that helps.

Best regards,


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