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Add Dimensions - How do I change Text Size, Style, and Arrow Size?

Can you pls. support me about one issue, if I want to place dimensions

horizontal and/or vertical to a design. This issue is quite important, because we

urgently need it for dimensioning a single and/or panel PCB.


So, if I “Add” a dimension “horizontal” and made previously “dimension setting”

there is only possible to set accuracy, text stroke an line attribute. But not

the text size /style and also not the artwork of the start/end symbols of a

dimension, here the arrows.

The dimension text size always is 2.54mm and the arrows are too big.


Can you pls. support? I don’t want to modify the lines or text manually, this is

too much work for e.g. later 20~30 different dimensions.

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When adding Text you may change the dimension text height/style, and arrow size.  Please look in the upper Left corner of the FAB 3000 toolbar while you are in the process of adding dimensions.  Please see the screen capture below.

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