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My resulting DXF to Gerber converted files are not filled. Why?

When viewing your Gerbers and DWG I noticed the following:

1. All boundaries must be closed and continuous.  There cannot be any overlapping lines or Arcs.  I noticed in your DWG there are several locations where there is overlapping (duplicate lines) -- see layer TOP TRACE+ @ X=37.68 Y=16.93.  FAB 3000 (and ACE) has a feature to join boundaries.

2. The DWG contains objects inside other objects which require the feature "De-Embed".  The intention is to make inner objects clear or dark depending whether the polygons are islands or holes.  FAB 3000 (and ACE) has a feature called De-Embed to automatically determine what should be Dark or Clear.

Here's our generic rules for DWG to Gerber conversions:

Please see my tutorial movie below (showing how to perform the conversion):

Let me know if that helps, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

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