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Zero Suppression set to Trailing, but the exported Drill file shows Suppression format as Leading in the header. Can you explain why?

When I export the Drill file with Drill export options: Zero Suppression set to Trailing, I get a Drill file shows Suppression format as leading:


Shouldn't it be the opposite TZ?

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There may be a bit of clarification with the Zero Suppression.  

When Trailing is selected it means to eliminate (i.e. Suppress) the zeros that Trail -- thus the leading Zeros remain. When you select "Leading" than the Leading zeros are removed and the trailing zeros remain (if any). 

Note:  In the example above, FAB 3000 correctly outputs with Leading Zeros (LZ) because you have instructed it to Suppress Trailing Zeros on Export. Thus a drill coordinate X007500Y007500  will appear as  X0075Y0075 which means the trailing zeros has been suppressed as instructed.

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