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How do I add V-Cut OR Vscore to my panel?

Thanks for your question.  

1. Score Lines works well with Rectangular boards, and it uses the border layer.

Note: A border layer must be created for best results when created.

2.  While using Panel Wizard... to place your PCB's in the panel, you have the option to automatically add score lines. Check the box "Add Scoring Lines".

3.  A layer will be created named score which contains the score lines.

Note: You can also add score lines manually - as there are just simple lines in Gerber which instruct the PCB fabricator where to place the Score lines.  Many designers will use the Add Score Lines option to create a separate layer with score lines -- but just as a reference.  The will then extend those score lines past the edge of the panel (as required by some manufacturers) and/or make other modifications where the PCB edges are non linear.

  1. Import example PCB.
  2. Detect and Create Border Layer
  3. Create a Panel with Score Line Checked
  4. Manually extend Score line paste edge of panel (optional -- required by some manufacturers)
  5. Finalize Panel

Did you Know?:  We currently have a technical writer who is updating the help manuals, however the best resource to quickly get answers to questions is to use the FAB 3000 user forum.  For example, type in: score     into the "Need Help?" box located in the top/right corner of FAB 3000 and all related links will be made available.

Thanks again, and please let me know if that information was helpful.

Best regards,


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