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Empty Drill file on export?

I export the drill file but it only comes out with the heder and tolls and no drill coordinate positons? so I can't give it to anyone else? please advise why this is happening

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Typically if there is no data in the outputted drill file, the Layer which defines your Drill does not contain actual NC Drill data (i.e. tool number).  My guess is the layer just has flashed pads from a gerber layer that represents the drill homes but does not contain real NC data - so you'll need to perform a Gerber Layer to Drill Conversion. 


  1. Go to menu:   Fabrication \ Drill \ Gerber Layer to Drill...
  2. Use the same layer for the Gerber Layer and Drill Layer - this will replace all flashes on the Gerber layer with Drill data.
  3. Press OK.  (All Flashed pads on that layer will be converted to Drill Holes)


Note:  The way you can tell if the Drill layer contains actual NC data is the Drill holes are "see through targets".

Now you can export Drill with all information.

Thanks again.

Best regards,


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