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Full Circle Arc Detected in Polygon?

When I import gerber files, a few times I get a dialogue message saying a full circle arc detected in Polygon?  Attached is the window dialogue I get.
Should I be clicking YES or NO in this case?


Hi Grant Louie,

To be honest, it really depends on the intent of the Gerber file creator.  The error message essentially means that there is a polygon plus a circle defined (in that same polygon).  Each Polygon should only have one boundary so the circle can be erroneous (and eliminated) or the gerber file creator also wants that circle.

The easiest way to find a solution is the following:

1. Import that gerber file in FAB 3000 and when the message appears - click Yes.

2. Create a new job (menu: File / New / Job...).

3.  Import that same gerber file and when the message appears - click No.

4. Run Compare Jobs and see what is different between the two (menu:  Tools / Compare Jobs and Layers / Compare Jobs..)

Now you will be able to see what is the difference, and choose that best option. You will then know which option to use as a default.

Let me know if that helps.



thanks for the quick response.  
Thanks for the info.

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