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How do I export Gerbers with Step & Repeat codes to drastically reduce my gerber sizes?

Using Step and Repeat codes is an excellent way to reduce your gerber file sizes by up to 99% smaller.  FAB 3000 database uses hierarchy and that makes it easy to create a step and repeat for any image.

1.  Create your 1UP design that you wish to have step and repeated.

2.  Create a new job or panel. (menu: File / New / Job)

3.  Insert the job which contained your 1UP design and add array parameters.  (menu:  Job / Insert...)

That's it, you can created an arrayed insert (similar to a minsert in AutoCAD).

4.  Now export to Gerber, ODB++, DXF or whatever format you desire.

Note:  Make sure to check the option "Use Step and Repeat Codes"  (if available for your format).

Here's a tutorial movie showing all steps:

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