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Drill file Import problems.

I can not read in this drill file I am trying to read in 5 jobs and put together I have added the m72  but I get an error is there something wrong with this drill file or am i doing something wrong? this is the third job the other two I just added the m72 and the tool .1778 and they read in  I will ask the customer but I have to make sure its really the drill file because im having a hard time learning this software as fast as  I need to


Hi Vickie,

This was a strange set of drills.  If you ever have problems loading a drill with AutoLoad, try skipping the Drill file in AutoLoad.  Then load the drill manually using menu:  File / Import / Drill...  You have more control how the drill is loaded, and can even assign the tool size before import.  Here's step-by-step instructions:

1. AutoLoad your Gerber (un-check Drill).

2. Import Drill separately, using these settings:

3.  Add Tool Hole Size Here. 
Note: Only if Drill is missing the Hole Diameter definition. You can always enter the Tool sizes layer by going to the NC Table. Menu: Setup / NC Table...

Thanks and let me know if that helps.


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