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Will not export Pcb or save workspace. Please Help

The export pcb does not show the layers to chose "workspace in use or corrupted"

This is a new install with a 20 day demo license.

Thanks for contacting support.  To confirm are you receiving a message stated "workspace in use or corrupt" when attempting to export your PCB or save a workspace?  If possible, please try either:

1.  Are there multiple instances FAB 3000 running at the same time.  If yes, limit to one and see if that helps.

2.  Are you saving onto a network or a special folder with unicode characters?

If yes, try using the setting "Perform File Buffering for Unicode/Network Access".

Note:  When searching the FAB 3000 source, I couldn't find any message that states "workspace in use or corrupted".  If my suggestions above did not help, could you send me a screen capture of the error message.

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks.  That resolved the issue.

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