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FAB 3000 - Installation error (Could not access network location ???_VERSION_INFO\.)

During the installation the following error message occurs:

"Error Could not access network location ???_VERSION_INFO\.".

Also it would be nice to add a paramter list of the installation file "fab3000v7_windows.exe" like /? . I found that there is a silent installation parameter with /s.

Best Regards,



Hi Niels Fichtner,

We use a product called Installaware to create the installers.  

(1)  Could not access network location ???_VERSION_INFO\
This Error indicates trouble with the Environmental Variable references inside the Registry.  The following Microsoft Knowledge Base Article will cover the fix for this issue and the installation should proceed without trouble afterwards: 
Note: If this doesn't correct the issue the first time, save the fix it file to disk and right click and run it as an administrator. 

(2) Setup Command Line Parameters

When visiting their website here's a list of the "Setup Command Line Parameters".

Thanks again and let me know if that helps.


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