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Print PDF file and saving workspace file bug?


I just noticed with the latest version 7.6.10 created a new problem when you print to pdf, under the PDF plot wizard PDF File: -> when you choose Browse to select a location to save and click ok.  the pdf file path always changes to this

No matter what I do, it always changes file name to myExport.pdf at this path?

Also, this sometime happens when I try to save a workspace, and it saves it to the *AppData\Local\Temp\ path as well?  But it does not happen all the time with saving a workspace.


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We added a new feature for saving to systems with Unicode characters for non-english languages (like Chinese, Greek, etc.).  It requires FAB 3000 to save the file to a temporary place before copying to the Unicode system.  To disable this feature, go to menu:  Setup / Options...  Uncheck the very bottom option "Perform File Buffering for Unicode/Network", and press OK.

Now you should be able to correctly save.

I will review the cause of the strange behavior and resolve it.



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