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Doing Boolean operations after a DXF Import are clumsy. Is there a better way that is less time consuming?

Fab 3000 may have the same conversion features as EasyGerb, but it adds items that weren’t in the DWG version of the file that have to be deleted afterwards. Doing Boolean operations are also much clumsier than doing them while in AutoCAD with Easygerb as a plugin. What would have taken me an hour or two with Easygerb has taken me all day! This doesn’t make me a happy customer.

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Thanks for your feedback.

Rarely do customers use the Boolean features when performing a DXF conversion (I agree that is a very laborious process).  All you need to do is use the DeEmbed feature and FAB 3000 figures out what is dark and clear ( just like to solid hatch feature of AutoCad) or the Composite Merge. Here's a sample tutorial movie I created which shows both techniques to perform fill (and avoid Boolean operations):

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