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How do you perform gerber editing like: "move" , copy ,delete etc.

I have installed & open up. There some feature does not work.

Like Edit menu  "move"  , copy ,delete  etc.

To eveluate i have to use all of the function. I like some features are cool.

I think i remeber you. I have ask for eveluation last year or 2 years ago. But never got chance to review.

But now is the time to see if your software works for us.

Please reply me.

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FAB 3000 works similar to "CAD" layout tools, where you select the objects first and then perform the editing -- (whereas many CAM software tools require you to enter command first and then select objects).  Here's a quick tutorial, no sound showing me perform Move, Copy, Delete, Array Polar, etc.

Thanks again and please let me know if you have any other questions.

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