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fiducials on v-rails of the panel

Hi There,

we are generating the panel with V-rails and tooling holes + fiducials, everything goes well but one small thing, the fiducials have no apertures in the TOP/BOT Mask layer (basically will be covered by solder resist)

so far we did try the following

We added on the panel configuration circle apertures targeting the TopMask layer but nothing shows up on that layer.

My expectation were when you define fiducials on the panel side the tool will create the apertures in the TOP/BOT Mask layer with the size of the clearance field.

any ideas?



There should definitely be an aperture added to the mask layer(s). Typically there will just be an opening added to the rails on the mask layer. Feel free to send your sample workspace file (*.wrk) to our support team and we'll be happy to take a look:

There are two immediate solutions you can provide in the meantime.

1. Add the Flashed Pads manually to your panel. Go to menu: Add / Pad and select the Aperture and X/Y location for the flashed pad.


2. Go to Panel Setup, and select the tab "Fiducial". Add new fiducuals, and make sure for the column Layer(s) select "[Top_Mask]" and "[Bottom_Mask]".

Thanks again, and we look forward to hearing from you.


I have a very similar (identical?) problem, and the layers "Top_Mask" and "Bottom Mask" are selected in the fiducial menu.  In my case the fiducials are not covered with the TopMask/ BottomMask  (so there'll be resist covering it) and the Rail Copper material around it IS covered by TopMask so the bare copper would be exposed.  It is as if I get the negative of what I want on the rails.  The boards themselves are fine, and I even have "local fiducials" that come out correctly on the boards.  What could be happening here?  

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