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Example matrix file for repeating board 16 times

I have a gerber file (bottom layer only, file extension .gbr,Size 64mm x 49mm) and excellon drill file (file extension .drl) that I need to panelise by repeating the board 16 times.
The panel size is 265mm x 205mm and I can place 16 of these 64 x 49 pcb's if I place them manually. There is a gap of 3mm between each instance of the board.
How can FAB3K's matrix file functionality be used to automate the setting up of this job? 
If the panelising can be set up in the matrix file this would be great but I would prefer to do this part later from within FAB3K.
What is the best way of doing this? Could someone please give me an example matrix file so that I can make a start?


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I would recommend you take a look at the sample matrix file which is included in the FAB 3000 examples folder.  It should give you everything you need to start.

(FAB 3000 installation folder)/examples/panel.fm6

Note: Please review the Import Matrix section from the FAB 3000 help manual.

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