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Format required for PCB manufacturing

Format required for PCB manufacturing

Dear Sir,

          I have a folder containing gerber files ( such as .PHO, .REP, .LST, .DRL ) I have imported these whole folder in FAB 3000 now I am able to see my artwork and I have done some changes like added a text or deleted a text. Now I have to send this job to PCB manufacturer then what is the process?

Please help !!!

Thanks for your question.  The first thing you'll want to do is save your FAB 3000 workspace (*.wrk) -- so you can make sure all your edits have been saved.  Go to menu:  File / Save Workspace, and select the location where you'd like to save your workspace.

Now lets export to a Manufacturing format:

1.  Probably the easiest thing to do is export as an ODB++ (because the ODB++ contains everything in one simple file).   Simply go to the FAB 3000 menu:   File  /  Export   /  ODB++, and select the location where you'd like your ODB++ file saved.

Note:  If you're unfamiliar with the ODB++ format, I'd recommend that you just use the default options.

IMPORTANT:  If your manufacturer does not accept ODB++, than use "Export PCB" (see below).

2.   EXPORT PCB:  The nice thing about "Export PCB" is that it exports all required files for manufacturing (Gerber, Drills, Reports, etc.) in one command.

Go to menu:  File / Export / Export PCB..., and select the folder where you'd like to save your gerber, drill, & report files.  Use the default options.

Note:  I'd recommend that you choose a new folder to export to.  This way you avoid any potential conflict/confusion with your old gerber/drill files.

This is awesome. I had a similar query and i got my answer here. Thanks to every one.
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