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Not all GDS layers show when I go to build my composite

I noticed with v7.4.8 when I read a GDS file in and then go to build a composite, not all the layers show in the pull down tab to select the layers I need for the composite. It's as if some layers are active and some layers are made inactive. I noticed the Layer Display panel on the left side has solid gray next to the layers I am allowed to use and a cross hatch next to the ones I can't. Is there a setting I need to turn on to make all the layers active to build a composite?
This was never an issue with the previous version and I figure it must be an option I'm missing.
Any feedback on this will be much appreciated.

Thanks for your question.  Please remember GDSII data is built with "hierarchy" (i.e. cells that contain nested data that references other objects - similar to a block in AutoCAD).   The reason you can't select certain layers is because the objects (you can see when viewing) don't physically exist on those layers - they are simply referenced by the cell.

To perform Gerber related commands such as Build Composite, Boolean, etc. requires that you "flatten the hierarchy" (i.e. remove all hierarchy) and just expose the actual objects.

Please perform the following:
1. Go to FAB 3000 menu:  Job / Flatten Job Hierarchy...
2.  Select "All" for Hierarchy Level, and press OK.

You should now be able to perform those Gerber related commands such as Build Composite, Boolean, and select the layers.

Should you still have difficulties please send support a sample GDSII file or try ACE Translator 3000.

Starting with FAB 3000 Version 7.4.10 we have added an option "Flatten All Hierarchy" during GDSII import.  This will allow you to import GDSII and have all data flattened in one step.
Your explanation makes perfect sense.  By flattening the hierarchy I am able to use all the layers.
I knew it had to be something new and I'll pass this information on to my other colleagues.

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