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FAB 3000 de-embedding puts cut lines on a 5 degree angle

I recently installed FAB 3000 version 6.6.11 and used the de-embedding feature when importing AutoCAD files.  When I stream out to GDS I noticed the cut lines are on a 5 degree angle but on version 6.1.1 the cut lines were straight up and down.

Why are the cut lines on an angle?

Will version 6.7.1 have the same angle cut?

Is there a way to control the way the cut lines are made?

The straight up and down cuts are much better for our process and if there is a way to change this that would be great.
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Go to menu:  Setup / Options... and modify option "Cutline Entry Angle (Degrees), to whatever value you require.  Choose 0 for straight up and down.

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