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Selecting object with many layers on

Selecting object with many layers on

In the process of building components, I turned on the silk and paste layers.  I would like to select the pads of the component without selecting any objects on the silk layer.  How do I do this without having to pick each object on the paste layer.  Is it possible to have a layer be viewable without it being selectable?  This way, I can have the silk layer on, window select the component on the paste layer (without selecting objects on the silk layer) and then proceed to build the component.  The reason I want the silk layer on is so that I know where pin 1 is.

Thanks for your suggestion.  We have added the ability to "Lock" layers (this means they are visible but you cannot edit them) starting with FAB 3000 Version 6.0.11

To lock layers simply go to the Layers Table, and check any layers under the column "Lock", that you wish to have locked.  You can also right-click on any layer from the "Design Navigator", and select "Lock" from the menu options.

Note: You may download the update from our website.  Start FAB 3000 and go to menu:  Help | Check for updates...

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