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Export panel centroids

I have created a panel that includes with synchronized centroids that I can see on the panel when the top component layer is selected. When I try and export them the resulting file is empty. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
FAB 3000 Version 5.6.2
Centroid Data for job: "Smart Boards" as of: 13:4:28
Measurements are in Inch. Comma delimited
Components Included - Surface Mount Only
.... Nothing here ...

Thank you for contacting support, and sending a sample file.

Component centroids can only be exported for individual jobs (that are not nested in a hierarchy - i.e. inside an insert).  Why?  If you Query those jobs in your panel, you'll see that they are only "Inserts" (like blocks in AutoCAD).  If you wish to export the component centroids within an Inserted job, first you will need to use the function called "Flatten Job Hierarchy" located in the Job menu.   What this does is essentially explode those Inserted jobs and convert them to "real data" - now FAB 3000 can find and export the centroids.  Here's a tutorial movie for your reference (no sound):

Note:  In FAB 3000 version 6, you do not need to use "Flatten Job Hierarchy" because it already searches inside Inserts to find the components - during export.
Thanks.  I do not really understand what flattening does but it worked - thanks.

Glad to hear it worked.  If your interested here's some topics about FAB 3000 hierarchy, flattening, etc.:
Note: The above links have been updated. Please use the links below.

FAB 3000 Hierarchy Concepts:

Can you explain FAB 3000 hierarchy:


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