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Donut Apertures

Donut Apertures

I is there a method to force ACE3000 to generate donuts apertures? I design minuature toroid ferrites and need to generate Gerber from dxf for manufacturing. Currently I use the de-embed function, however my vendors Gerber reader does not see these correctly. I.D and O.D. will be needed to translate.

If your vendor cannot read gerber files with clear areas (i.e Composite Gerbers), than I would suggest the following:

ACE 3000 does has the ability to flatten the Composite Gerber files into simple polygons which should be compatible with your vendor.  Essentially use the "De-Embed" function as normal, however before exporting your file; go to the ACE 3000 viewer and perform the following:

A. Select all donuts.
B. Go to menu: Tools | Composite Layers | Flatten...

Note: ACE will flatten the composite into polygons.

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