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Donut Apertures

Donut Apertures

If your vendor cannot read gerber files with clear areas (i.e Composite Gerbers), than I would suggest the following:

ACE 3000 does has the ability to flatten the Composite Gerber files into simple polygons which should be compatible with your vendor.  Essentially use the "De-Embed" function as normal, however before exporting your file; go to the ACE 3000 viewer and perform the following:

A. Select all donuts.
B. Go to menu: Tools | Composite Layers | Flatten...

Note: ACE will flatten the composite into polygons.

I is there a method to force ACE3000 to generate donuts apertures? I design minuature toroid ferrites and need to generate Gerber from dxf for manufacturing. Currently I use the de-embed function, however my vendors Gerber reader does not see these correctly. I.D and O.D. will be needed to translate.

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