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Dynamic Editing

Our goal is to simplify FAB 3000 and have it behave more like modern CAD layout tools (with corner grips, dynamic selection, groups, etc.  --- essentially lessen the # of clicks/steps required to do things).

For example:  To dynamically MOVE an object (or group of objects), you simply select the object (or group); then click again on that object, and move it wherever you want.  

Note:  You can still use the same Version 5 style of editing in FAB 3000 (Version 6):  Selecting object(s), go to the Move menu, then select base point, and finally select the destination point.  

Are there situations where you may be clicking twice on an object while dragging the mouse simultaneously?  If possible, please provide us with more information (like examples, screen captures, etc) and the exact steps you're using which cause any unwanted MOVE to the left/right, etc.  You may submit a support ticket from our website:
or simply email me directly at:

Note:  Over the weekend we will review FAB 3000 in detail -- to see what steps can be done make it harder to accidentally MOVE objects and perhaps provide an option to "disable dynamic editing" (to use Version 5 editing style - only).  However, specific user feedback from you would be very helpful.

(1) To drag an object now requires the following steps:
A. Select object(s)
B. Place the cursor over the selected objects.
C. Press the Left Mouse-Button until you see the standard arrow cursor icon change to a "move icon".
D. At this point you can simply drag your objects anywhere you choose.

Note:  This should make it almost impossible to accidentally move object(s), while still keeping the FAB 3000 goal of making editing very easy for users.

(2) If for any reason you still do not like the Dynamic Editing (in Version 6), we have added an option to "Disable Dynamic Editing" so it works just like FAB 3000 Version 5.

A. Start FAB 3000, Version 6 and go to menu:  Setup | Options...
B. Click the tab "Misc".
C. Check the option "Disable Dynamic Editing"

Note: If you have decided to "Disable Dynamic Editing" please provide us the courtesy e-mail and let us know why --- we simply want to improve FAB 3000 and make it the best tool possible.
I updated the software, but Enable and Disable Dynamic Editing are similar. When I Disable the Dynamic Editing, I still can see the end-points and centre points marked in blue and can move them around. Also I can get the new "MOVE" icon by holding the left mouse button.

In addition, It would be great if you could combine the SNAP function into "moving the objects dynamically" as well.

For example user wants to move one object on top of another object, centre by centre. For doing this you need to select the centre of object A and drag it to centre of object B.

As you explained in your previous reply,

C. Press the Left Mouse-Button until you see the standard arrow cursor icon change to a "move icon".

How can user press the Left Mouse-Button on centre of object A initially in order to move it to centre of object B? 

However it is easily possible to do this when Dynamic Editing is disable.

H. R. M.
Thanks again for your feedback.  I have created a YouTube movie tutorial which shows how to use FAB 3000 to create objects, and use the "Dynamic Editing" features; plus it shows how to "Disable Dynamic Editing" should you not be interested in that feature.

Note:  The version used in that presentation was 6.0.13, which you may download from our website at anytime.

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