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Automatic DRM Check via Matrix File

Hi, I have read the user guide and I think I understand the process for using matrix files to do the DRM checks.  I haven't tried it yet, but have a couple of questions:

1.  When you use the sample C/C+ code to launch FAB 3000 and pass in the matrix file, does it execute and then exit or does FAB 3000 stay up after execution?
2.  When the DFM check runs, does it generate the PDF and if so, where does it put it?
3.  What information is provided back to the calling program?  I assume this is via stdout?

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Excellent Questions.

The matrix file is a simple text file, typically created by an external program (like a PCB Layout Tool), which is interested in using the DFM capabilities of FAB 3000 to check gerbers and drill files.  For more details about the Matrix file, please visit the FAB 3000 Help Manual and go to the section named "Import Matrix File".

1. Once the matrix file is created, it can be launched using the following methods:
(A) From an external program:  Make a call to FAB 3000 and pass the matrix file as an argument.  For example from a command line it would look like this:
C:\Numerical Innovations\FAB3000\fab3000.exe C:\temp\my_matrixfile.fm6
Note: Everytime FAB 3000 starts it checks to see if any arguments are included in the command line.  If it finds a matrix file (with extension *.fm6), FAB 3000 will look to automatically process the file.

(B) You can also start FAB 3000 as normal, and then go to menu:  File | Import | Matrix file...

Note: No LUA or C++ scripting is required.  Simply define all parameters in the Matrix file and FAB 3000 will do the rest.  There are two sample Matrix files shipped with FAB 3000 to demonstrate how to automate Panelization and DFM Checks.  Both matrix files (*.fm6) are located in the folder:  .../FAB3000/examples 

You can Test the matrix file, and time using the command:   Import Matrix File   (menu:  File / Import / Matrix File).

2. Yes, the DFM check does create a PDF file and you control the location of the PDF using the matrix option  "output_drc_pdf_file="
example:  output_drc_pdf_file=C:\output\mydrcfile.pdf

Note:  This will create a resulting PDF file named mydrcfile.pdf located in the folder C:\output
Note:  For more details about the Matrix file, please visit the FAB 3000 Help Manual and go to the section named "Import Matrix File".

3. If you are interested in receiving callback information via stdout or direct feedback to the parent application, you may be interested in our OEM solution. 
Feel free to contacting our sales team for more details.

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