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Snap Drill to PAD

Snap Drill to PAD

Dear Sir,

I am using version 4.4.9.
I want to know how to snap drill to pad automatically.
I can aligned the drill layer layer but some drills are not aligned properly.
This is due to drilling file have some error. Some drills are shifted by 3-4 mills
from the pad. Can I snap these drills automatically with respective pads?



There is not a specific feature to snap drill to pad, however you can use the command Align Layers (located in menu: Edit Align Layers) to align the drill layer with any other layer that contains pads. 

To align drill layers to pad:
1. Go to menu: Edit | Align Layers...
2. Select a reference pad (usually closest to the board origin).
3. Now select that same drill hole which is meant to be over the reference pad (you selected in step#2 above).
The entire drill layer will be moved to align with the pad layer.

Note:  I understand that your drills may have some errors in location, so we will make a specific function to automatically snap all drill holes to pads, and have it available shortly.

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