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Need assistance setting up a FAB 3000 Floating license (using FlexLM) on my client computer. Can you help?

Thanks again for sending screen captures and I appreciate your patience. 

1.  I'm glad to hear that you already have Flexlm running for other tools on your server -- so hopefully it should be straightforward to get FAB 3000 running.   Please view this link to have FAB 3000 run with your existing flexlm service:

2.  On the client computer, try using:  NUMINNO_LICENSE_FILE instead of LM_LICENSE_FILE.  See our user forum link (below):

Note: Your network license key is meant to be placed on your server (only), and will not work if pasted into the Client machine.  The client machine does not store any license, instead it checks out the license from your server.

3.  When viewing your screen capture it looks like another application is using 50000@ipeflex1, and for FAB 3000 you have set 50000@IPEFLEX1
I believe the case sensitivity could potentially be an issue, and we're happy to generate another license key at your request.

Here's some more forum posts regarding Network License Setup:

Let me know if any of this information helps, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
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Please note, the above links have been updated. Please use the links below.

Please see "Manage Your License" with 36 solutions

How do I install my Network/Floating license?

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