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ODB++ Import problem

I have problem during import of TGZ (ODB++) file. There are missing apertures after import in spt layer (green). I attached screen from another program (green), as You can see there are apertures which I cant see in FAB.
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Thanks for sending the sample ODB++ file.  We have corrected the ODB++ import problem and an update will be available by Monday (or sooner).  Subscribe to the FAB 3000 RSS feed to be alerted immediately whenever there is an update.

Why did this problem occur? We use a third party library to unzip the ODB++ file in the background.   The library we use had problems unzipping due to long file names so some of the resulting file names were truncated.  To resolve the issue immediately, please unzip your ODB++ file to a folder, and then use menu:  File / Import / ODB++ (Folder)... to select the folder containing your ODB++.  Everything will load without issue.

Thanks again.

Best regards,
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